Sunday December 04, 2022
Message From our Pastor and News

Bambinelly Sunday Fr. Alex will be blessing figurines of Baby Jesus next Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th Masses. Don’t forget to bring yours.


Dear Friends,

The history of the Christmas tree: “An interesting tradition, part history, part legend and very popular in Germany, claims that the Christmas tree dates back to as early as the eighth century. This legend is based on a historical figure, St. Boniface, and a historical event (the destruction of Odin’s oak – a pagan idol). St Boniface (675-754) was the English Bishop, his baptismal name was Winfrid, who went to Germany in the eighth century to preach the Christian faith as a missionary from the Church of Rome.

“After a period of fruitful missionary preaching, St. Boniface returned to Rome for sometime. After a long absence, he then returned to Germany, for Christmas in 723, and felt personally offended on discovering that the people had reverted to their former idolatry of pagan divinities and were preparing to celebrate the winter solstice by preparing a human sacrifice under the Odin’s sacred oak tree. Inflamed with holy anger (as was the case with Moses and the golden calf) Bishop Boniface took up an axe and dared to cut down the oak. This courageous, historically documented act meant the triumph of Christianity in Germany over the pagan divinities.

“The rest belongs to the legend: which tells how, at the first blow of the axe, a strong gust of wind instantly brought down the tree. The astounded Germans fearfully recognized the hand of the One True God in this event and humbly asked Boniface how they should celebrate Christmas. The bishop, the legend continues, pointed to a small fir tree that had miraculously remained upright and intact beside the debris and broken branches of the fallen oak. Boniface was also familiar with the popular custom of taking an evergreen plant into the house in winter and asked everyone to take home a fir tree (Christmas Tree). This tree signifies peace, and as an evergreen it also symbolizes immortality. This also alludes to the tree of life which is given to us through the cross, the source of all grace and blessing.”


One Can, One Box, One Bag—Advent Challenge In Support of Sacred Heart Food Bank

Advent challenge to bring 1 item, can, box, jar or bag for each Sunday Mass and place in the St. Vincent de Paul box at the entrance of the church in support of the Sacred Heart Food Bank. Thank you for your generosity.


We will once again be collecting funds to purchase the poinsettias to decorate the altar for Christmas on the weekends at the entrance of the Church. A donation would be welcomed and appreciated.

Holy Mass for the Solemnity of Immaculate Conception Thursday, Dec. 8th at 5PM at Sacred Heart Church and the Consecration to Blessed Virgin Mary will be during Mass for those who have been preparing themselves.

Bambinelly Sunday Fr. Alex will be blessing figurines of Baby Jesus next Saturday and Sunday Masses. Don’t forget to bring yours.

Triduum to Our Lady of Guadalupe You are invited to prepare for the solemnity of the Mary 3 days: Dec 9, 10 and 11 with the prayer below.
“I chose this place and made it holy, in order that my name might be honored, and my eyes and heart might remain there forever” (2 Chr. 7:16).

  • “Who is this that comes forth like the dawn, as beautiful as the moon, as resplendent as the sun..?” (Sg. 6:10) • Hail Mary…
  • Mary speaks: “I am the Mother of fair love,…and of knowledge, and of holy hope…My memory is unto everlasting generations” Eccl. 24:24, 28, Douay. •Say your petitions

Prayer: O God, You have been pleased to bestow upon us unceasing favors by having placed us under the special protection of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Grant us, your humble servants, who rejoice in honoring her today upon earth, the happiness of seeing her face to face in heaven. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Advent Confessions

  • Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church: Wed. December 14th From 3-6PM (with Adoration)

Sacred Heart Annual Memorial Wish Tree Mass and Nativity Christmas Play

The candlelight Memorial Mass on Saturday will be on December 17, 2022 5:00 PM at Sacred Heart Church with Bishop Daniel Miehm. If you would like a Memorial light place on the Wish Tree in memory of your loved ones, please fill a form. Following the Mass there will be the Nativity Christmas Play prepared by the oratory children. If you have any questions please contact Ed Genge at 705 292 6665 or

Christmas Adult and Children colouring contests

We invite everyone to participate. The colouring images are at the entrance of the church, please submit your art by Dec 18 to Fr. Alex or the sisters or via email at 

Spiritual Exercises According to Saint Ignatious of Loyola preached by Fr. Alex or another IVE priest.

For Men: Jan. 30 – Feb 2, 2023

For Women: Feb 6 – 9, 2023

At Manresa Jesuit spiritual renewal centre. The retreat starts on Monday at 7pm and ends on Thursday with lunch. For registrations or any questions please contact Fr. Alex Salazar at

Our Lady of Lujan

Our Lady of Luján is the patroness of our Religious Family of the Incarnate Word and her image accompanies us in all our foreign missions. Every year our Religious Family honours Our Lady of Luján on May 8, her feast day, with Novenas, Solemn Masses and the Marian Consecration of our new Novices. Our Lady of Luján is a celebrated 16th-century icon of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The image is on display in the Basilica of Luján in Argentina.