Sunday November 28, 2021
Message From our Pastor and News

Dear Friends,
      This weekend we light the first candle of the Advent wreath also known as the ‘Hope candle.’ The Advent wreath has been a long-lasting Catholic tradition. It then took off as a Christian custom in the Middle Ages. It’s candles light reminded all that Christ is the one true light of the world – bringing us from darkness into light.

      There are many symbolisms in the Advent wreath – I will only name a few. The evergreen signifies the long life or better yet immortality, reminding us God calls us to eternal life. Then we have the four candles, each of the four weeks of advent in preparation for Christmas. Three are purple and one is pink (or rose). The purple similar to its liturgical purpose symbolizes a time of prayer, penance and works of charity. While the pink candle – to be light on the Third Sunday of Advent (also known as Gaudete Sunday or Sunday of Rejoicing) – symbolizes joy. Gaudete Sunday, reminds us of the joyful expectation and that these prayers and penances are never not to be practiced without joy and love for God. Not penance without love, nor prayer without joy.

      Some families have also made it a tradition to have their own little Advent Wreath in their homes, lighting each candle on their week. You are more than welcome to do likewise. Below is a few prayers on what to do:
     On the First Sunday of Advent, the father of the family blesses the wreath by praying: “O God, by whose word all things are sanctified, pour forth Thy blessing upon this wreath, and grant that we who use it may prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ and may receive from you abundant graces. Who lives and reigns forever. Amen.” (This is done once).

    Then the father continues to lead the prayer for the First Sunday: “O Lord, stir up your might, we beg you, and come, that by your protection we may deserve to be rescued from the threatening dangers of our sins and saved by your deliverance. Who lives and reigns forever. Amen.” Then someone lights the first candle – a Purple Candle. Together in Prayer

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass and Raffle
Holy Mass will be on Dec 12th at St. John 10:30AM. The raffle drawing will be after Mass. Tickets are $5 and will be sold next week.

Christmas Decoration of the Church
Come and help us decorate St. John the Baptist for Christmas. On Friday December 3rd at 5″:30pm. 

Sacred Heart Annual Memorial Wish Tree
You are invited to the candlelight Memorial Mass on Saturday December 18, 2021 5:00 PM at Sacred Heart Church with Bishop Daniel Miehm. If you would like a Memorial light place on the Wish Tree in memory of your loved ones, please see the insert for the details. This event aids in fundraising for the parish renovation projects. If you have any questions please contact Ed Genge at 705 292 6665 or

Synod Survey
This input will be part of both the worldwide and local conversations to establish pastoral priorities within the Church. The survey is open until Friday, November 26th, 2021. The survey is offered in two formats. The Thought Exchange format will give you the opportunity to see what others (without names) have entered on the survey, and the Google Form format has questions specific to communion, participation, and mission. Please feel welcome to choose the survey format that is the most convenient for you. All of the resources for the Parish Discussion Sessions are available through this weblink: 

We will once again be collecting funds to purchase the poinsettias to decorate the altar for Christmas on the weekends of Nov 27-28 and Dec 4-5 at the entrance of the Church. A donation would be welcomed and appreciated.

Confession Times
Sacred Heart on Fridays from 5:00-6:30PM
St. John the Baptist on Saturdays from 3-4PM
Also by Appointment.

Altar Boy Group at Sacred Heart
1st & 3rd Fridays of the Month 6:15 – 8:00 PM.

Friday Adoration at Sacred Heart of Jesus
Every Friday there is adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Sacred Heart in reparation for the offences made to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from 1:30 to 6:30PM and confessions from 5:00-6:30PM.

Catechism Classes

For more information about Baptism, First Communion and Confirmations contact Sr. Inmaculada.

Catholic Missionary Children Oratory
For Children 7-12 years old. Saturdays 10:15AM at St. John the Baptist. For info contact Sr. Inmaculada.
Bible and the Mass Classes every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of the Month from 4:15 – 5:15 PM at Sacred Heart Rectory.

Young Adult Group
On the 2nd, 4th and 5th Friday of the Month from 6-8PM at Sacred Heart. It starts with half an hour of Adoration, talk and recreation at the rectory.

Our Lady of Lujan

Our Lady of Luján is the patroness of our Religious Family of the Incarnate Word and her image accompanies us in all our foreign missions. Every year our Religious Family honours Our Lady of Luján on May 8, her feast day, with Novenas, Solemn Masses and the Marian Consecration of our new Novices. Our Lady of Luján is a celebrated 16th-century icon of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The image is on display in the Basilica of Luján in Argentina.

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